Personal Life Summary 
1955    Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on August 20, 1955, Dwight D Eisenhower president
1956    Lived in Lighthouse Point, Florida
1957    Lived in Salisbury, Maryland
1958    Moved back to Lighthouse Point, Florida, played with Ivy Michael
1959    Lighthouse Point, Florida, day care at Episcopal Church in Pompano
1960    Started school, quickly lost interest, sent back to 1st grade the next year
1961    Five Star General of neighborhood, planned a trip to moon, Vietnam war
1962    Cuban Missile Crisis, John Glenn orbits earth, Cold war
1963    JF Kennedy shot
1964    Saw Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show, moved to Rockwood, TN 4th grade in 2 room school
1965    Mother died, boating on Watts Bar Lake, Grandmother died, brother Steve married Joan
1966    Dad remarried & he had bad car accident, moved to Cleveland, Tennessee
1967    Moved to Farragut, Tennessee, teacher Tom Collins who later became a record producer
1968    Martin Luther King & Robert Kennedy dead, civil rights marches, sister Ruthie born
1969    Woodstock, Smoking, drinking and chasing girls at a young age, man walks on moon
1970    Kent State, center on champion 8th grade football team, work Little Green Garden, Beatles end
1971    Freshman Farragut High School, football, racing boats
1972    Saw evangelist Billy Graham and President Richard Nixon
1973    Active in church group with pro football player Tom Johnson, fuel shortage nationwide
1974    Graduated from Farragut High School, fuel shortage continued
1975    Started college at Tennessee Tech University (TTU), Vietnam War ended
1976    TTU hanging out with Rick Carver, Tony Deal, Russ Spray, Chris Boals, Dave Tidwell
1977    Dorm president, Elvis Pressley died
1978    College life, too much fun
1979    Graduated from Tennessee Tech University, degree from Lamar Alexander, hired as a buyer  Goodyear Atomic Corporation in Piketon, Ohio.  Three Mile Island accident
1980    Buyer of electrical and mechanical equipment and service contracts, John Lennon shot
1981    Promoted to Staff Auditor performing environmental, safety, and operations audits.  Racing boats
1982    Dated Debbie Kegley, began building inboard hydroplane Sho nuff, racing another boat
1983    Dated Debbie Kegley, building boat part time, racing another boat
1984    Dated Debbie Kegley, building boat part time, racing another boat
1985    Dated Debbie Kegley, building boat part time, racing another boat
1986    Broke leg leaving Beckee’s party, married Debbie Kegley-stepdaughter April, boat
1987    Finished building boat Sho nuff and started racing it
1988    Wife diagnosed with cancer, focused on being caregiver, moved to Quality Assurance (QA) group, quit smoking, built house
1989    Caregiver, wife died of cancer, mourned, managed Environmental Restoration QA Program, worked with INPO style traveling evaluation team
1990    Working with an INPO style evaluation team with a focus on improved fitness and racing
1991    Racing boats, strike duty handling nuclear materials, racing
1992    Met Debi Maxwell.  Racing boats extensively. Promoted to Manager of QA.  Became a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)
1993    Racing extensively.  Married Debi Maxwell, got darling daughter April and a cat named Sid too
1994    Raising daughter April became my number one priority (provided her a storybook childhood), continued racing at an even more demanding pace but always second in priority to daughter
1995    Raising daughter April, demands of racing increased with more travel
1996    Raising daughter April, racing was a focus having won the American Power Boat Association National Championship season points total
1997    Raising daughter April, demands of racing further increased traveling up to 25,000 miles per year, coast to coast, won another National Championship, led QA transition from Department of Energy to Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulation at work
1998    Raising daughter April, racing harder than ever
1999    Daughter April in college, racing harder than ever, cooking for April’s sorority
2000    Daughter April in college, racing harder than ever, cooking for April’s sorority
2001    Daughter April in college, racing harder than ever, cooking for April’s sorority
2002    Daughter April in college, more racing coast to coast, another National Championship, cooking for April’s sorority
2003    Daughter graduated from University of Kentucky, more racing coast to coast, another National Championship, Dad passed away at 85.
2004    More racing coast to coast, another National Championship
2005    Burned out!  Too many years on the road racing. Burned out, wore out.
2006    Focused on non-racing things, Eric Clapton concert, Meatloaf concert, cruise of the Caribbean Sea
2007    Bought a Three Quarter Midget racecar, rebuilt car, raced in Indiana 20 or more races per year.
2008    Daughter April married.  Daughter earned Master’s Degree.  Racing Three Quarter Midget in Indiana
2009    Racing Three Quarter Midget in Indiana April through September finished 12th in season points
2010    Bought and rebuilt 410 Wing Sprint Car, raced boats in New Zealand and Australia, raced Sprint Car in Ohio and West Virginia.  Returned to New Zealand in September.  October 20, buddy Alan Lewis passed. Daughter April first child RJ born in December 20. 
2011    Continued to race sprint cars.  Company transition to D&D Contractor.  NS&Q Manager 
2012    Started work for B&W Conversion Services 2/17/12 QA Manager.  Racing sprint cars
2013    Work and racing sprint cars
2014    Work and racing sprint cars
2015    Racing sprint cars, multiple top five finishes, four cars 

Proudest Accomplishments
Caregiver to wife
Raising daughters
Mentoring, hiring, and promoting females in business
Mentoring race drivers and providing racing opportunities and funding
President Chamber of Commerce influencing political leaders to support Pike Co.
Chairman of Inboard Racing managing a sport of hundreds of racers, officials, and promoters
Authored several magazine and newspaper articles on topics of human interest
Reputation and relationship with Union Leadership (United Steel Workers and Professional Guard workers union)

Hobbies and Passions
My employees

Lack of ambition (circumstances and team members encourage me into accomplishment)

My brother Steve Shewbrooks (he is an inspiration for his physical, spiritual, and intellectual attributes)

Long Term Goals
Work and race (that is what I do now so I must be happy and content!)


Quality Assurance leader focused on mission success.  Experienced in technical procurement, operational auditing and Quality Assurance program development. 

Quality Assurance Manager (BWXT Conversion Services)                                                   2/12 to Present
Lead the development of a QA Program to meet DOE Orders and DUF6 Plant operational needs.  Lead the Quality Engineering, Program Development and Quality Control programs.

Quality Assurance Assessment Manager (Fluor B&W Portsmouth)                                      10/11 to 2/12
Manage QA Audit program, acting QA Manager, Plant Operations Review Committee (PORC), consult with senior QA staff and management on quality program development and deployment to meet Department of Energy Order DOE 414.1D and NQA-1.                                
Nuclear Safety & Quality Manager (United States Enrichment Corporation-USEC)            7/11 to 10/11
Appointed acting manager of the Nuclear Safety & Quality organization reporting to the USEC Operations Vice-President to support transition from operations to D&D contractor.  Responsibilities included Nuclear Materials Control & Accountability, Quality Systems, Quality Control, and Independent Assessment.  Led the organization through a transition from USEC ownership to Fluor B&W Portsmouth and shift to Department of Energy regulation. 

Group Manager, Independent Assessment (Quality Assurance Audits)                                  12/92 - 7/11
Manage a department of QA auditors and contractors.  Responsibilities included Quality Assurance audits, surveillances, investigations, environmental inspections, Quality Program development, participation on the Corrective Action Review Board (CARB) and mentoring temporary employees. Routinely serve as Acting Organization Manager providing management of Quality Control, Nuclear Materials Control and Accountability, and Quality Assurance functions.  Plant Operations Review Committee (PORC) member.

QA Specialist III, Quality Assurance Department                                                                   5/92 – 11/92
Performed audits and surveillances in support of the Quality Assurance Audit Program.  Served as Audit Coordinator, assisting in the administration of the Internal Quality Assurance Audit Program and as External Audit Section Leader.

Uranium Material Handler (Strike Duty)                                                                                   6/91 – 5/92
Operated cranes, forklifts, straddle carriers, rail car movers in the handling of Uranium Hexafluoride for transfer, shipments, and processing.  Performed inventories, cylinder inspections, and supported autoclave operations.

QA Specialist II, Quality Assurance Department                                                                         3/88 –6/91
Developed the Quality Assurance Program for the Portsmouth Environmental Restoration Program and provided independent oversight.  Developed and assisted in the administration of the Maintenance Division Quality Assurance Program.  Performed a six-month assignment in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., performing INPO-Style plant evaluations for the Systems Performance Group.

Staff Auditor and Senior Auditor, Internal Audit Department                                                      2/81 – 2/88
Planned and performed audits of production, environmental control, safety, and other technical and administrative programs.  Performed special assignments and reviews for plant management.  Provided written and verbal reports to plant management and to regulators on audit conclusions.

Technical Buyer, Purchasing Department                                                                                      4/79 – 2/81
Purchased materials, equipment and services relating to electric motors, Steam Plant, metals and welding.

 Commercial Nuclear Experience                                                                                                1995-present
Participation in Nuclear Quality Assurance Program Audits through the Joint Utility Management Assessment (JUMA) Program at Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant, Monticello Nuclear Power Plant, Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, and Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant (Lead).  Benchmarking performed at General Electric – Nuclear Fuel Fabrication, Westinghouse – Nuclear Fuel Fabrication, Port St. Lucy Nuclear Power Plant, Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant, HB Robinson Nuclear Power Plant, Yucca Mountain Project, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, and Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant.  Attended 8 Nuclear Oversight Conferences.

Bachelor of Science Degree, Industrial Technology, College of Engineering.  Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee.
1992    Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)

Extensive training in various aspects of Quality Assurance, Auditing, and Management including:
Practice and Process of Auditing by FX Brown, Westinghouse
Operational Auditing Based on Government Accounting Office (GAO) Techniques
Improving Performance Through Quality Audits by Dennis Arter, Consultant
Performance Based Auditing and Surveillances by John Johnson, JETS, Inc.
Performance Based INPO Style Evaluation Methodology
Quality Action Teams, Statistical Process Control and Quality Assurance Planning
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Hired and trained QA staff to meet stringent expectations of US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Developed corrective actions to improve procedure adherence by 50% resolving regulatory violation
Developed corrective actions to reduce personnel radiation contamination by 95%
Performed audits resulting in 40% improvement in corrective action effectiveness resolving violation
Established rapport and improved Company/Union relations in investigations
Performed oversight improving plant performance resulting in no NRC weaknesses for two year period
Audit of Waste Management resulted in improved conformance to Toxic Substances Control Act
Certified Lead Auditor, United States Enrichment Corporation
Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) by the American Society for Quality
Mentoring Management Staff

Special Assignments
Special Assignment to Training Manager, teaching Self-Assessment classroom and practical
Special Assignments for Superintendent Waverly City Schools. Chaired Levy Campaign and Facilitated community input to Ohio Governor on state education reform
Facilitated development of improved container for nuclear materials with United Steel Workers (USW)
Investigate and facilitate resolution of technical issues, compliance problems and conflicts per request of General Manager and Union President

Chairman, Board of Directors, American Power Boat Association
Chairman, American Society for Quality (ASQ) Scioto Valley Section
American Cancer Society Board of Directors
Pike County Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors and President
Pike County Airport Advisory Board
Pike County Community Fund Board, Vice President
United Midget Racing Association Board of Directors 
Director of Safety, American Power Boat Association

Personal Development
Author of numerous articles on safety and human interest topics
Public Speaking to Civic, Religious, and Professional Groups

Owner and driver of a five-time National Champion Inboard Hydroplane Raceboat Team
Owner and driver of a three quarter midget race car
Owner and driver of a 410 cubic inch wing sprint car