Jarett Andretti, Indianapolis, Indiana, from a legendary racing family he has the talent to win
Brandy Bower, Portsmouth, Ohio, the first lady driver to wheel A76
Ryan Broughton, Frankford, Ohio, young college graduate with several wins

Mark Coleman, Columbus, Ohio, a great rookie driver
Cale Conley, Mooresville, North Carolina, NASCAR driver XFINTY series
Kory Crabtree, West Jefferson, Ohio, several wins, Track and Series Champion 2015
Josh Davis, Chillicothe, Ohio, a hard charging veteran
Dave Dickson, Marietta, Ohio, a veteran like Fine Wine, his uncle is an Indianapolis 500 veteran
Matt Dumesny, Sydney Australia, from a legendary racing family he has the talent to win

Cody Gardner, Cincinnati, Ohio, non-wing racers in Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS)
Dallas Hewitt, Dayton, Ohio, nephew of racing legend Jack Hewitt
Aaron Higgins, a great young racer, track champion, put John Shewbrooks Racing up front
John Jenkins, Kingston, Ohio, Inboard Hydroplane boat racer
Todd Kane, Columbus, Ohio, another hard charging veteran
Tate Martz, Rushville, Indiana, several time USAC midget championships, Little 500 veteran
RJ Perkins, Waverly, Ohio, high school athlete, college student, rookie ready to win
Roger Ramsey, Waverly, Ohio, retired, 3/4 midget veteran with many wins and championships
John Shewbrooks, Waverly, Ohio, five time National Champion inboard hydroplane racer
Nathan Skaggs, Chillicothe, Ohio, young veteran had A76 way out front then motor problems took his win
Chris Smalley, Waverly, Ohio, son of legendary sprint champion Junior Smalley
Dave Smith, Chillicothe, Ohio, crew chief for Sprint Car Hall of Fame driver Danny Smith
JT Stapp, Greensburg, Indiana, veteran of non-wing sprint racing
Jon Steed, Millroy, Indian, veteran ¾ midget driver
Jimmy Stenson, Vandalia, Ohio, a hard charging veteran
Brandon Wimmer, Fairmount, Indiana, a World of Outlaw veteran

Jarett Andretti

RJ Perkins

Kory Crabtree, 2015 Atomic & OVSCA Champion

Brandon Wimmer battling Dave Blaney

Matt Dumesny, Sydney, Australia