Anthony Perkins (L) and Mitch Higgins (R) working strategy

It is a lot of work to keep sprint cars on the track.  The following have been or continue to be instrumental to the success of this race team.

  • Mitch Higgins spends most of his time these days fishing.  Over the past few years, Mitch put our little race team in contention.
  • Scott Cool helps out when his busy work schedule allows.  Scott is great at chassis set up.  Scott had a couple of second place finishes and several top five finishes with Brandon Wimmer at the wheel.  We are hoping to see Scott get a win!
  • Anthony Perkins is a regular crew member focusing mostly on the A79 car that his son drives but he works on all of them.  Anthony is here several days each week during the season and makes countless trips to suppliers.
  • Paula Perkins is a regular on race day and keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Trevor Ramsey helps the team mostly working with Brandon Wimmer.  Trevor worked with Brandon when they were full time on the World of Outlaws tour.
  • Roger Ramsey helps out mostly in a consulting role.  Roger has won several races in three quarter midget competition.  He manages race day operations when I can't be at the track.
  • Randy McDowell builds and maintains some of the motors. 
  • Paul Kistler builds and maintains the other motors.
  • Tony Beaber does chassis repairs for us.  It seems the cars run faster every time they leave his shop.
  • Hank Dyke, Rich, and the rest at D&M Welding in Waverly do a lot of work on repairs.
  • Brian Phipps & Bo Tackett of Graphic Creations, Waverly, keeps the cars lettered and classy. 
  • Kear's Speed Shop makes all of this possible.  They are my exclusive supplier of all sprint car parts including tires, chassis, wheels, nearly everything.  Thanks Mark Tusing, Micki Tusing, and Shirley Kear. 
  • There are countless other volunteers like John Jenkins and Marc Sheridan that help out part time.  We appreciate them all.


Paula Perkins (R) helping with photo shoot