John Shewbrooks, owner-driver of cars A76 and A79 and owner of a brand new A97 car driven by Aaron Higgins.  Car set-up and technical consulting by Mitch Higgins and Scott Cool.  Roger Ramsey, John Jenkins, and RJ Perkins are among those who crew with the team.

John Shewbrooks Racing

At 125 mile per hour John Shewbrooks of Waverly, Ohio, spent decades competing on the American Power Boat Association Inboard Racing Tour throughout the United States and Canada.  He also traveled to New Zealand and Australia for international competition.  With his 2.5 litre modified inboard hydroplane, Sho nuff, John and crew would travel 25,000 miles per year in quest for their several wins and championships.  In 2007, John entered Three Quarter (TQ) Midget racing as a rookie, competing weekly in Indiana and Illinois from May to September.  Since 2010, his TQ Midget continues to compete in Indiana by the Steed Race Team as John began racing 410 cubic inch wing sprint cars.  Having also driven an Indy Car at Chicagoland Speedway and a NASCAR style stock car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in driving schools, he focuses his racing close to home in his sprint cars.  John races three sprint cars, numbered A76, A79 and A97 out of his race shop in Waverly, Ohio.  John drives A76 and A79 local sprint car champion Aaron Higgins drives his A97 car.  John's car numbers are a tribute to his dad, Jack Shewbrooks, as these numbers were on his dad's many race boats.   We present the highlights of a dedicated team racing under the banner of John Shewbrooks Racing.
John Shewbrooks in Three Quarter Midget
Mitch Higgins prepping A79 for competition.
Aaron Higgins heading for another top five finish.
John Shewbrooks at Indy Car school going 160 MPH at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois. 
John at Indianapolis Motor Speedway at Stock Car school going 140 MPH.
John at home in his 2.5 litre modified hydroplane racing at 120 MPH
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