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At 125 mile per hour John Shewbrooks of Waverly, Ohio, spent decades competing on the American Power Boat Association Inboard Racing Tour throughout the United States and Canada with his inboard hydroplane, Sho nuff.  John and crew would travel 25,000 miles per year in quest for their several wins and championships.  His boat racing took him to New Zealand and Australia for international competition.  In 2007, John entered Three Quarter (TQ) Midget racing as a rookie, competing weekly in Indiana and Illinois from May to September.  In 2010, the TQ Midget continued to compete in Indiana by the Steed Race Team.  These days, John's racing activities are focused closer to home competing in his 410 cubic inch wing sprint car pictured above.  We present the highlights of a dedicated team racing under the banner of John Shewbrooks Racing

Check out the following link for a You Tube video of Sho nuff on the water.



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